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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peyton Manning’s ‘Decision’ determines fate of three quarterbacks

As NFL fans everywhere await to see where quarterback Peyton Manning will land, Kevin Kolb, Matt Hasselbeck and Tim Tebow in particular await his decision for more personal reasons: because their jobs are in the balance.

Manning has had talks with the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins and most currently the Tennessee Titans and should make a decision on where he will sign soon. If he were to sign with Miami then all three of those guys could breathe a little easier knowing that Manning won’t be replacing them.

But unfortunately for those guys Miami is not considered to be among his top two most likely destinations meaning that one of those guys in question could be on their way out.

So what does that mean for each guy in particular? Well Kolb’s fate is the easiest to decide. He has a big bonus due him this Friday so the Cardinals are expected to cut him if Manning decides to sign there.

The other two guys aren’t quite as easy to decipher. Tebow of course will be demoted to second-string quarterback if Manning signs with Denver but they may not be all for Tebow. He may also find himself on the trading block and eventually shipped off to another team before the start of the season. That is if Denver can find any takers for him.

Hasselbeck could possibly stick around as a backup if Manning signed with Tennessee but that is doubtful. With Jake Locker still in the mix, the Titans wouldn’t have much need for Hasselbeck and would rather have the extra cap space they would acquire by cutting or trading him.

But there is a potential bright spot for Miami though. It’s doubtful that they would want Tebow but if Manning signs with either Tennessee or Arizona, then Kolb or Hasselbeck could potentially wind up with the Dolphins.

Still it’s never an easy thing for a player or his family to wait while their fate is being decided by someone else. Especially if it’s someone they may eventually have to face on Sunday.

Where do you think Peyton Manning will sign? Let us know your thoughts.

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