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Monday, March 12, 2012

Jaguars get second shot at Tim Tebow

Back in the 2010 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars gambled that they would be able to select quarterback Tim Tebow with either their third round pick or have the opportunity to move up and draft him in the second round.

Unfortunately, Denver Broncos ex-coach Josh McDaniels had other plans. McDaniels shocked everyone and selected Tebow with the 25th overall pick. No one else had Tebow projected to go in the first round.

Now with the news that free agent quarterback Peyton Manning may be on the verge of signing with the 
Denver Broncos, the internet is abuzz concerning the prospect of Tebow being traded.

When I first stated back in November that this would happen I was berated with all kinds of rather unpleasant comments from Tebow-fanatics. I expected as much since that was the time when Tebowing was at a fever pitch and no one wanted to hear about the prospect of Tebow playing anywhere but Denver.

What’s interesting though is now that Manning is flirting with the idea of playing for the Broncos there is nary a peep on any of the blog posts I have read recently about Tebow’s impending departure. Sorry, just wanted to get that off my chest real quick. Moving on….

So with Tebow most likely on his way out of Mile High, do the Jaguars take another shot at acquiring him?

The Jaguars are in rebuilding mode and are currently trying to decide if they want to stick with Blaine Gabbert who they drafted last season or if they want to go in another direction. Gabbert had a pretty pedestrian season by NFL standards so the jury is still out on whether or not he will be a good quarterback.

We all know about Tebow’s struggles throwing the ball last year but he may flourish under the Jaguars new head coach Mike Mularkey and offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski.

Mularkey was responsible for making Kordell Stewart so effective when he was offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers. While Tebow is not as athletic as Stewart was he is a similar threat with his ability to throw and run the ball.

Just know that if the Jaguars do bring him in it will be a circus. Tebow will immediately put fans in the seats which may be a good thing for Jaguars owner Shahid Khan but it may be a bad thing for the team long term.
Gabbert will not be able to cement himself as a starter with the fans chanting for Tebow to play and Tebow won’t have the stellar defense behind him that he had in Denver making it harder to produce that fourth quarter Tebow-magic he is known for.

Hopefully Jaguars’ management will consider these things before they make a play for Tebow. It may not matter since they will probably face a backlash from their fans if they don’t pursue him.

Rest assure that as soon as Tebow officially hits the trading block Jaguars fans will be pushing management to trade for him. It’s doubtful that Jaguars’ fans will care whether or not bringing him in is good for the franchise. They’ll be more than happy to see their favorite son come home.

Do you think the Jaguars should trade for Tebow or stick with Gabbert? Hit our comments section and let us know what you think.

Roosevelt Hall is an NFL Blogger for The Sport Mentalist and is also an NBA Blogger for The Sport Mentalist 2. He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter @sportmentalist and add him on Facebook Roosevelt Hall Thesportmentalist.

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  1. I think the Broncos would be nuts to get rid of Tim Tebow. Manning may not last through the season. Why not at least keep Tebow as his back-up if he signs. And maybe Elway is thinking Manning teaches Tebow!!!