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Friday, March 16, 2012

Manning gamble doesn’t pay off for Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins received a little bad news from Peyton Manning yesterday as he informed the Dolphins that he wouldn’t be signing with them. Before deciding to chase Manning, the Dolphins were considered front-runners for Matt Flynn’s services so they have to be concerned that Flynn has extended his visit with the Seattle Seahawks.

While there is no guarantee that Flynn will sign with the Seahawks, his extended stay cannot be a good sign for the Dolphins. There has been an alarming trend going on this offseason with players like Mario Williams being signed by a team after an extended stay.

The Cowboys had former Kansas City Chiefs Kyle Orton and Brandon Carr in for a lengthy visit before signing both players to the team.

The Dolphins also lost quarterback Chad Henne who began the 2011 season as their starter. He was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars so the Dolphins will need to make a strong push for Flynn if they are going to have any chance to land him.

But if they don’t land him then their quarterback situation will become even more problematic. There may be a decent quarterback or two left on the market who could fill in for them this year but that is not the kind of signing that an offensive-minded rookie coach wants to make.

Instead they may make a play for Ryan Tannehill in the draft or Matt Hasselbeck if Manning signs with Tennessee. It’s very doubtful they would consider trading for Tim Tebow if Manning signed with Denver.

For now the Dolphins are stuck with quarterback Matt Moore and little else which won’t get it done if they plan to be more competitive than they were last season. With that being said look for them to continue to explore options at the position. 

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