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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Randy Moss, 49ers marriage won’t work

The San Francisco 49ers have agreed to a one-year deal with wide receiver Randy Moss after his impressive workout on Monday. Moss caught balls from Coach Jim Harbaugh during his workout on Monday but maybe he should have been catching passes from Alex Smith.

Why? Because Smith is the one who will be responsible for getting Moss the ball in actual game situations and he better be able to get Moss the ball deep because Moss won’t run many routes over the middle.

Smith’s arm strength has come into question over the years so that could become an issue at some point. 
The 49ers are also more of a run-oriented team compared to the teams Moss has played on in his career. Moss will essentially be a decoy which won’t go over well with him.

Moss’s attitude may also clash with some of the explosive personalities on the team. Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis aren’t divas by any account but they are guys who want the ball as much as Moss will and are not afraid to speak their minds. The 49ers will have some locker-room issues with all three of these guys together.

Harbaugh should understand how much of a malcontent and a cancer Moss can be by the way he handled the criticism from his ex-teammate Cris Carter just last month. Moss didn’t cause much of an uproar most of his time in New England because he had a strong quarterback and head coach there that he respected.

Harbaugh does have a reputation as both a players’ coach and a disciplinarian but even Bill Belichick came to a point where he could no longer stomach Moss and Moss actually wanted to play there.

What’s worse is that Moss comes to the 49ers and is the most accomplished wide receiver there. Moss is a guy many in the locker room will look at in terms of how to approach practice and other facets of the game which is something the 49ers may not want.

But at this point it is kind of hard to second guess Coach Harbaugh. He took a quarterback who most had considered to be a bust and said he could win with him and guess what? They were only a few plays shy of the Super Bowl last season.

Harbaugh took a team that analysts felt would be .500 or worse and led them to a three-way tie with the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots for the second best record in the league.

So it’s hard to say that Harbaugh is making an error bringing in Randy Moss to play on his team. I will say this: it’s a good thing they only signed Moss to a one-year contract. Let’s see how much of it he will be there to collect.

Do you think signing Moss was a good move by the 49ers? Give us your arguments as to why or why not this was a good move?

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