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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Atlanta Falcons' fans steadily monitoring Drew Brees' contract situation

Most NFL players relish the opportunity to play against the best and Atlanta Falcons' players are no different. Whether they will admit it or not, every player on the Falcons' roster has been paying attention to everything that has been going on with their division rivals the New Orleans Saints this offseason.

From the suspension of Saints' head coach Sean Payton and New Orleans' signing of ex-Falcon Curtis Lofton to the Drew Brees' contract situation, the Falcons' organization has been paying attention and is very aware of what those things may mean for their division title hopes. Not that they won't take the gift being presented to them but you don't become the best until you beat the best. 

Fans don't have to worry about all that though. Falcons' fans have been reveling in the Saints' self-inflicted injuries in hopes that New Orleans' implosion will provide the Falcons with a much easier path to the division title and the team's third straight playoff berth in a row.

Falcons' fans have felt the sting of Payton's offensive play-calling which has totally confused the Falcons' defense at times. Falcons' fans have also had to sit idly by and watch as Brees exploited the slightest of windows to connect on completion after completion against Atlanta's shaky defense.

So the prospect that neither guy will be present on the Saints' sidelines this year is music to the ears of the Falcons' faithful who envision the Falcons finally putting an end to their 0-3 playoff record under head coach Mike Smith. Although Atlanta has taken steps to beef up their defense this year it still warms the heart of even the least faithful Falcons' fan to see the Saints seemingly crumble under the weight of their past sins.

But like the Falcons' players and coaches, Falcons' fans know it's just a dream that Brees won't get his contract situation taken care of. Payton is gone for sure but even the Saints aren't dumb enough not to work out a deal for Brees.

But with the contract situation now spilling over into minicamp the possibility of Brees not reporting becomes more of a reality by the day. There is still plenty of time to get Brees in camp though and ready for the start of the season so it's too early for Falcons' fans to expect the division to be Brees-less this year but hey a guy can dream can't he?

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