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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seahawks to play a two-tight end set next year?

The Seattle Seahawks just acquired tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for an undisclosed draft pick on Monday. The Seahawks already had a solid pass-catching tight end in Zach Miller who they signed from the Oakland Raiders just a year earlier.

Miller only caught 25 passes for Seattle last year though after having 60 or more receptions in each of his last two seasons in Oakland. Winslow caught 75 passes for the Buccaneers last year and had at least 66 receptions in each of his three seasons in Tampa Bay.

By bringing these two together it seems that the Seahawks may be planning to mimic the New England Patriots’ explosive two-tight end attack from last season. There is a difference though; Seattle has a much more dangerous ground game than the Patriots do.

Playing two tight ends is a good strategy to use against the 3-4 defense which is the defense used by last year’s NFC West division leader the San Francisco 49ers. The defense is forced to guess which side is the strong side which can make the running game more effective.

This move does come with risks though. Winslow has a reputation for being a diva. He whines when the ball isn’t coming his way and he misses a lot of practices to rest his gimpy knee.

While he didn’t miss a game during his time in Tampa Bay, Winslow’s knee problems could prove to be a potentially serious issue. He’s no spring chicken you know.

But ultimately this could be a good move for the Seahawks who have definitely been active this offseason and have set their sights on the NFC West division crown. This also adds another big target for free agent acquisition Matt Flynn to throw to.  

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