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Monday, December 10, 2012

Any options left for Michael Vick?

The Philadelphia Eagles have turned the quarterback position over to rookie Nick Foles for the rest of the season which leads everyone to believe one thing: Michael Vick’s days are numbered in Philly. If that is true then we will find out soon if Vick still has a future as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

More than likely Vick will be playing for a new team by the start of next season. He has too much talent for some teams to pass up.

It was much easier for most teams to pass him up when he first attempted to make a comeback after being released from prison. Most teams didn’t want the negative media attention that he would bring even if he were willing to come off the bench like he did when he first arrived in Philly.

But time heals all wounds or in Vick’s case it at least soothed them enough for more teams to take a chance on him. There are still a lot of people who are still horrified by what he did but for the most part, the outcry against Vick isn’t nearly as loud as it was when he first sought re-entry into the league.

And Vick has been a model citizen during his time with the Eagles. He has done tons of public service and has been super supportive of Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid and the whole Eagles’ organization.

Despite his team’s struggles, Vick’s teammates have stood behind him and Vick has been careful not to cause any drama or get in any trouble that could undo all the work he has put into rehabbing his image.

Even losing hasn’t hurt his image like it would most people. Although Vick isn’t the most disciplined quarterback in the league, he has been playing behind a horrible offensive line over the past three seasons.

Most speculate that Vick could post some really great numbers if he had an offensive line that could actually protect him. With that in mind there will be a few teams that will look to bring Vick in if the Eagles do decide to release him this offseason.

There are even more teams who would consider bringing Vick in as a backup but Vick will want to go somewhere he has a chance to start. The good news for Vick is there are a number of the teams currently sitting in the bottom of the standings will be looking to bring in a quarterback.

And whether the Eagles cut Vick now or during the offseason the number of teams needing a good quarterback will probably stay the same. 

The 2013 Draft won’t provide as many talented quarterbacks as the past few drafts have and of the quarterbacks that will be available, none looks impressive enough to draft with a high first round pick.

Of course there will be some desperate team that will probably do it anyway. More than a few coaches and general managers will lose their jobs this season and their replacements may want to fill the quarterback position through the draft rather than take up someone else’s retreads.

But if a few of those coaches who are currently on the hot seat happen to keep their jobs, then they may be in win-now mode for next season. 

Someone like Romeo Crennel (Kansas City Chiefs), Leslie Frazier (Minnesota Vikings), Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona Cardinals) or Chan Gailey (Buffalo Bills) could see Vick as a quick fix to their current quarterback situations.

Minnesota and Buffalo wouldn’t be bad situations for Vick. The Vikings have many of the same type of dynamic weapons that the Eagles have and a better offensive line for him to operate behind while Vick’s arm is strong enough to survive the adverse Buffalo weather.

He might not fair too well in Kansas City or Arizona though. Arizona has many of the same problems along their offensive line that the Eagles do and probably wouldn’t be willing to add a second former-Eagles’ quarterback to their roster. If Vick is smart he wouldn’t want to go there either.

Kansas City has had problems keeping players at any position healthy. It just doesn’t make sense to add an injury-prone quarterback to an injury-prone team.

There is one last team that may be in the fray for Vick’s services and that team is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars have the league’s worst record so far this season and will most likely be picking first in next year’s draft. Vick doesn’t seem like he would be high up their list to replace the ineffective Blaine Gabbert but Jaguars’ coach Mike Mularkey has some experience with a quarterback like Vick.

Before athletic quarterbacks became all the rage, Mularkey coached quarterback Kordell “Slash” Stewart back during his days as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive coordinator.

The Steelers went 13-3 with Stewart at the helm back in 2001. Although Vick is older and has most likely lost a step, he is still way more talented than Stewart was.

And despite the results over the past two years in Philly, Vick is still more capable of playing in a system than Stewart was. You can bet that Mularkey would take a chance on Vick if it would help him to get more production out of the Jaguars’ first pick in this year’s draft, wide receiver Justin Blackmon.

But for now Vick is still an Eagle and the Eagles have not expressed any desire to part ways with their embattled quarterback. If owner Jeff Lurie does hold to his promise though and fires head coach Andy Reid then Vick’s departure is certain to follow. 

Roosevelt Hall is an NFL Blogger for The Sport Mentalist and an NBA Blogger for The Sport Mentalist 2. He is also a Sports Reporter for Pro Sports Lives. He can be contacted at and be sure to follow him on Twitter @sportmentalist.
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