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Friday, November 30, 2012

Falcons repay Saints for ending their unbeaten streak

The Atlanta Falcons had something to prove going into their matchup with the New Orleans Saints on Thursday. Earlier in the season, the Saints ended Atlanta’s unbeaten record and served the Falcons with their only loss of the season.

Now frankly, Falcons really don’t need any motivation to face the Saints. These two teams have been bitter rivals for a long time. Regardless of what each team’s record says this is always a big matchup.

But it doesn’t hurt that the Saints were the ones to drop Atlanta from the unbeaten ranks. That made this game almost a must-win for Atlanta despite the fact that they went into Thursday night’s game with a 10-1 record and are most likely looking at a first round bye in the playoffs.

This time though the Falcons would not be denied a victory beating the Saints 23-13 at the Georgia Dome. Not only did Atlanta succeed in beating the team that has tormented them most over the years and improved their record to a league-leading 11-1, they also ended one of the Saints’ streaks in the process.

Although the Falcons probably didn’t go into the game intending to end one of the Saints’ streaks, they were able to stop Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees’ consecutive touchdown streak at 54 games.

The Falcons aren’t considered an elite defense team by any stretch of the imagination so you know Atlanta’s defensive unit is savoring the fact that they not only kept Brees out of the end zone but also forced him into throwing five interceptions on the day.

Brees’ streak was pretty impressive in its own right so it’s only fitting that the Falcons would be the team to end it.

Just another chapter in these teams’ rivalry as it seems. An eye for an eye, a streak for a streak. 

Roosevelt Hall is an NFL Blogger for The Sport Mentalist and an NBA Blogger for The Sport Mentalist 2. He is also a Sports Reporter for Pro Sports Lives. He can be contacted at and be sure to follow him on Twitter @sportmentalist.
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